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Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day


Every 17th of August, all the people in Indonesia celebrate the Indonesia Independence Day. Everything you need to know about this special day is here.

According to the Indonesia Independence Day history, this country has been through a lot. This is why the celebration of this national holiday is always huge yet sacred in a way.

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Before the Big Day

Indonesia and the people start the celebration days before the 17th of August. Commonly, all the buildings across the road – both in cities and towns – would put banners and various light designs, buntings as well as other decorative items in front of the building.

Of course, the red-and-white flag shouldn’t be skipped out. When the independence day is near, you will easily see it everywhere you go.

Another interesting thing about this time of the year is that the neighbourhood will organize a clean-up in a group. The clean-up is commonly called kerja bakti – it means that everyone works together in harmony to clean the surroundings.

The Big Day

When it hits the 17th of August, the celebration starts with a solemn ceremony in the National Palace. Everything will be shown on all the local television channels. Other than that, the ceremony is attended by almost all the figures in the country.

The President of Indonesia leads the ceremony, along with the Vice President and other honored guests. Other than that a big group of high school students across the archipelago were chosen based on their skills on marching. On the other hand, the military stands with the brass – shining in their dress uniforms.

Independence Day always has a story to tell. Not only is the history memorable and full of fights, but also there are various events joined by all the people across the country.

From eating kerupuk to climbing a type of palm tree to grab the prize up there – Independence Day is full of super fun things. More than anything, the Indonesia Independence Day is not merely a day to remember all the warriors and heroes services to this country – it tightens the closeness of all the people in this country.


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