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Indonesia Travel Restrictions for Foreigners


Indonesia has re-opened its borders for visitors after the pandemic. Check out the updates on Indonesia travel restrictions for foreigners below.

Travel Restriction Updates

Traveling to Indonesia today is not as hard as during the pandemic. When the pandemic hit most parts of the globe, many countries restricted the traveling regulations.

Other than for foreigners, all the public places were closed for locals. However, the pandemic gets under control for now, the tourism activities are being re-opened. It also happens in Indonesia.

In case you plan to go to this country, here are several things about the restrictions that you should know.

  • Every visitor should have vaccinated – bring the certificate, whether it’s physical or digital.
  • Download PeduliLindungi and make use of it.
  • That’s the updated regulations for foreigners who want to visit Indonesia. There is no need to show health insurance as well as a negative proof of PCR test.

The regulations are effective from January 2022, which means that now you can visit Indonesia for vacations – as long as you have all the requirements in hand.

Who Can Enter Indonesia?

Generally, everyone can enter Indonesia as long as you’ve managed to meet the requirements. Here is a list of who can enter Indonesia nowadays after the pandemic.

  • Every Indonesian citizen can enter this country.
  • If you are a foreigner, you should own a valid Visa.
  • All the foreigners who meet the requirements for Visa exemption arrangement can enter this country.
  • Another foreigner who can enter Indonesia is those who have a valid permit, both re-entry permit and stay permit.
  • Transportation crews.

Can I Travel to Indonesia Right Now?

Of course, you can. As mentioned earlier, Indonesia has re-opened its tourism activities. It also means that visitors from abroad can come and visit this country as much as they like, just like before the pandemic.

As the Indonesia travel restrictions for foreigners are loosening, this is the right time for you to revisit your favorite places in this country.

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