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What Is the Main Religion in Indonesia?


When it comes to the main religion in Indonesia, Islam is surely the first on the list. This country is home to the millions of Islam believers – the biggest one in the world.

While being a democratic country, lots of Indonesians believe Islam as their religion. Find out more about this fact below.

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The Composition of Religion Believers in Indonesia

Even though Indonesia is surely not a muslim country, Islam has the most believers. Until recently, this country acknowledged six religions. Below is the composition of the religion in Indonesia.

 Percentage(from the total population)Number(in million)

It can be said that Islam is the fastest growing religion. However, just like other religions and beliefs, some differences may appear even though within the same religion.

Other than these six religions, customary religions spread across the globe. However, it is quite difficult to decide what to write on their ID, at the end of the day.

Islam in Indonesia

Even though Islam is Indonesia’s main religion, it doesn’t mean that the people are coherence. Each place in Indonesia has different history on how Islam got to the place.

Today, there are at least 207 millions of muslims in Indonesia. Most of them believe in Sunni-ism. While trading has made the process of Islamization easier, it took the people to bring up their swords back then.

Of course, no one can force on what you believe in – it goes the same in Indonesia. Many things – from trading to war – hold an important role on how this country has the biggest number of Islam believers in the world.

Still, even though Islam is the main religion in Indonesia, other religions also live peacefully and in harmony.


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