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What is the Best Time to Visit Bali Indonesia?


Bali is generally a good place to visit all year round. However, specific months are considered as the worst and best time to visit Bali Indonesia.

More than anything, Bali always has a lot to offer. It also makes lots of people come back-and-forth just to witness the beauty of this island. Thus, you have to understand the Bali weather so that you can get the most out of your vacation on this island.

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Best Time to Visit the Beach

If you plan to enjoy all the beaches during your next visit, it is crucial to check the date in the first place. May to August can be the perfect month to play in the water while August is the driest time.

Other than enjoying the sun, these months are also great for those who want to dive into the ocean. However, May to August is the peak season – which means that you won’t get the cheapest on anything.

What is the Worst Time to Travel to Bali?

When the rainy season comes, tourists consider it as the worst time to visit Bali. Commonly, the season takes place between November and March.

What people don’t like the most from this season is that many mosquitoes are here and there. Other than that, you may not be able to enjoy water activities.

On the other hand, it won’t be something that prevents you from having a vacation if you want to explore all the temples and jump from one yoga studio to another. Since you cannot sunbathe, enjoy the sunrise and sunset, and hike the mountains in Bali, you may see plenty of good deals on the island.

Thus, if the plan is temple-tour, having yoga experience from the best places, and the cheapest prices, you should go to Bali between November and March.

As mentioned earlier, anytime can be the best time to visit Bali Indonesia. However, when the season is wet and rains pour everywhere, you might not be able to visit your favorite places, right?


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